Trench Coat

titletretrsstrenchcoat5dtrenchcoat3trench2 trrTop, Jacket, & Pants- Forever 21 / Sunglasses- Nordstrom (BP) / Watch- Michael Kors Boots- Jennifer Lopez / Purse- Forever 21

 Happy Monday Dolls!

Were staring off the week with some serious sunshine. And I cant complain. Now all we need is some warmth, which leads to todays outfit. Your probably wondering why I’m still in jacket and boots, thats because most of our sunny/days are still a bit freezing. So this trench coat has come quite in handy. It’s super light and thin. Perfect for our Spring.

” The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens. Don’t Give Up!’

xo, Vicky

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